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An incredible transformation of Romena

Have you ever wondered what is the secret map to find the treasures of love, beauty and harmony? Yoga teaches that these treasures have already been existing in your heart and have been waiting for you to open it since you born.

The story of my dear friend and client Romena is an amazing reminder that all of us have own journey to find all our inner treasures.

Romena says "I was exhausted from daily routine, harmful habits and battling low self-esteem. I had resigned myself to the lie that everything is great in my life, but deep inside I felt that I need to change my lifestyle and to treat my body with more love. And it began where all great change and growth begins – at the absolute lowest point in my life. In the following few weeks, I met Lina and she revealed me the treasures of yoga. Lina woke me up from imaginary world. She showed me how to turn my negative thoughts positive. By Lina‘s encouragement and training, yoga has become an integral part of my life. Now yoga for me is the key instrument to reach the mindfulness. Moreover, I was so impressed how regular Lina’s training made everyone around me more beautiful, younger and slimmer. My physical transformation was amazing, but mental transformation was even more exciting for me. It is the joyful feel when I can be myself and reveal what is the most beautiful in me without a fear and tension. Benefits of yoga are countless and it has helped me to feel harmony between my mind, body and soul. Lina has truly changed my life and I am grateful to her."

I am so incredibly proud of you, Romena! You have shown a strong desire to change and have really embraced the benefits of regular yoga practice. Keep it up!

We all can rise up from anything. We can completely recreate ourselves. We have choices. We can think new thoughts. We can learn something new. All that matters is that we decide today and be brave to put efforts without looking back.

Romena After

Weight: 67kg


hibs - 104 cm

waist - 83 cm

Romena Before

Weight: 80 kg


hibs - 109cm

waist - 97 cm


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