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Online Detox week for groups with Yoga 

5 Days Detox
5 Days Detox
Lightness in the body and a happy mood! This is the best time to take care of yourself.
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Online Event

Private Touch

Nutritional weight loss consultation

Occurs in hour-session format.

Answers to the accumulated questions about how food affects you.

Analysis of the daily routine, stress level, diet and other manifestations of the body's vital activity,

based on specific goals.

Resume with a clear plan of action.




It is important to set aside a full 4 weeks and trust a specialist who is always in touch.

During this time, we will lay the foundation of good habits, an understanding of the nutritional value of products, its importance during the day, we will reduce the nutritional, inflammatory, pathogenic load and establish assimilation from scratch.

Only then will the diet be functional and effective.


A consultation additionally includes:


  • varied and simple recipes;

  • new skills in cooking and choosing food;

  • expanding the usual range of products;

  • shopping list revision;

  • support in instant messengers 24/7;

  • individual selection of indicators for diagnostics.

Individual accompaniment


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