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Types of Yoga Classes

Active yoga is a practice based on hatha (classical) yoga postures for physical and mental practice with inspiring music to keep practitioners physically and mentally active throughout the class. It is a great practice to improve your physical shape and relax your mind. Benefits of active yoga: toning your muscles, improves your physical strength and flexibility, gives a boost of positive energy, unites your body and mind.

Morning yoga flow a practice based on hatha (classical) yoga postures for physical and mental practice using more warm-up exercises and gentle stretches to slowly wake up the body and remove morning stiffness, giving a great mood and high energy level for the whole day. Flow teaches a smooth transition between every posture. Benefits of morning flow yoga: toning your muscles, improves your physical strength and flexibility, gently wakes up your body in the morning time, raises your energy level and gives a great mood for the whole day!

Pranayama & Sun salutation is a practice which includes a combination of pranayama (breathing exercises) and sequence of classical yoga postures for „saying hello” to the sun in the morning (sun salutation). It combines physical and mental practice. Benefits for pranayama and sun salutation: breathing exercises give your body more oxygen and more energy, helps to release toxins from your body, helps to release stress, balances your body and mind and helps to develop concentration on yourself. Sun Salutation tones your body and improves flexibility. Besides, sunny day – guaranteed!

Meditation is a practice to get past the "thinking" mind, and into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness. Meditation can help to calm your mind, understand yourself better and become aware of your true being. During the practice, there are different methods of meditation being used, like music meditation, guided meditation, etc. Benefits of meditation: makes you and people around happier, releases stress, improves the functioning of your brain, helps you to feel a connection with others, improves your overall health condition.

Restorative Yoga is most contemporary yoga is an active practice in which you move from pose to pose, building heat and increasing your strength and flexibility in equal measure. During these long holds, your muscles relax deeply. Restorative classes are very mellow, making them a good complement to more active practices and an excellent antidote to stress. Benefits of restorative yoga: your body feels open and refreshed, encourages mindfulness, soothing to the nervous system, helps you feel safe and nurtured.

Yin yoga is longer, deeper stretches are the ideal balance for more yang forms of activity. During yin stretches, the muscles are able to relax and release fully into the postures, which allows the yin tissue to also be stretched and stimulated. Benefits: re-hydrates the yin tissues, helping to keep them healthy and “young”, mental stillness and calm, helping you to remain present in the moment, Yin yoga can enhance the range of motion of the joints.

Face Yoga. For the struggle for eternal youth, women forget the most important thing: how much of cream on your face, your facial muscles lose their elasticity over the years. In order to combat facial wrinkles and maintain facial muscles in good shape, developed facial yoga technique. It combines traditional facial and neck muscle training with classical yoga elements. Special facial yoga exercises on a regular basis can stop gravity and age-related changes. Benefits of engaging: tonic face and neck muscles, increases blood circulation, elimination of stress, refreshes the radiant, youthful and bright look of the face.


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